$20.00/dozen for gourmet

$15.00/dozen for plain

$25.00/dozen for boozy** (must be 21 years or older)

Mini Cheesecakes $20.00 dozen

Jar Cupcakes $4.00/each (shipping not included)

$12.00/dozen for plain mini's - $14.00/dozen for filled mini's

(mini cupcakes vary from the full size due to the large difference in size)

***All payments due upon completion***

For Wedding Taste Tests - $1.67/cupcake or cheesecake (gourmet) $1.25/cupcake (plain)

$2.00/cupcake (boozy)

If you choose to go with Mindy's Cupcakes the cost of the taste tests will be deducted from your final bill.

I require that 1 dozen of the same base be ordered at the same time, but you can split that into 2 different kinds as long as you use the same base. For Example: Snickers and Oreo both have a chocolate base so you could order 6 Snickers and 6 Oreo to get the required 1 dozen.

Coconut Cream: Coconut cake with coconut cream filling; topped with coconut buttercream frosting and shredded coconut

Hot Fudge Sundae: Choco cake filled with fudge filling; topped with buttercream frosting drizzled with chocolate fudge, nuts and a cherry on top

White Chocolate Raspberry Moscato with Duo Frosting: White cake filled with raspberry; white choco buttercream and moscato buttercream frosting, topped with fresh raspberries and a white chocolate candy *fruit seasonal **boozy

Snickerdoodle with Duo Frosting: Snickerdoodle cake, white buttercream and cinnamon swirl buttercream topped with a snickerdoodle cookie

Red Velvet with Duo Frosting: Red velvet cake w/cream cheese filling, topped with white choco buttercream (bottom) and cream cheese frosting (top) - topped with a white chocolate candy

Strawberry Cheesecake: White w/strawberry filling, topped with cream cheese frosting, graham cracker mixture and fresh strawberry *fruit seasonal

Twix: Choco with cookie base, caramel filling, topped with caramel buttercream, choco & caramel glaze and a mini twix bar

Banana Cupcake: Banana cake, topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a fresh banana slice or a vanilla wafer cookie

Orange Dreamsicle: Orange flavored cake and cream cheese filling, topped w/duo frosting; bottom orange flavored cream cheese, top reg. cream cheese; garnished with an orange candy slice & orange sprinkles

Chocolate Dreamsicle: Orange flavored choco cake, w/cream cheese filling, bottom layer choco buttercream, 2nd layer orange cream cheese, top layer white cream cheese, garnished with orange slice, orange stick and orange sprinkles

Pumpkin: Pumpkin with cream cheese pumpkin filling, bottom layer of frosting plain cream cheese buttercream, top layer is cinnamon cream cheese buttercream, topped with a candy pumpkin

Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa cake with marshmallow filling, topped with marshmallow fudge buttercream, mini marshmallows & a Hershey kiss

Caramel Apple Cider: Spice cake with caramel apple filling, topped with bottom layer caramel buttercream & top layer is apple cider buttercream (tinted pink), garnished with a caramel and caramel glaze *seasonal

Salted Caramel: Dark choco cake, filled with caramel and sea salt, topped with caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache with a dash of sea salt on top

Holiday Traditions: Dark choco cake with sugar cookie base, filled with peppermint fudge filling, duo frosting, bottom layer is white chocolate buttercream and top layer is peppermint buttercream, garnished with a mini peppermint patty or a Hershey peppermint kiss

Cherry Cheesecake: White cake with cherry cheesecake filling, topped with cherry buttercream, white chips and a cherry (available with duo frosting - currently shown without duo)

Champagne Cupcake: Champagne cake with white chocolate buttercream filling, topped with champagne cream cheese frosting and garnished with white choco chips and edible pearl candy **boozy

Lemon Drop: Lemon cake with lemon filling, topped with duo frosting, bottom is white chocolate buttercream, top is lemon buttercream, garnished with lemon candy and white chocolate bliss candy

Dad's Chocolate Malt: Chocolate malt cake with marshmallow filling, topped with chocolate malt buttercream, garnished with a whopper and straw

German Chocolate: German chocolate base with German filling and chocolate buttercream frosting

Strawberry Margarita: Strawberry margarita base with tequila and margarita mix in the base, cream cheese frosting has both margarita and tequila in it and it has an infuser with margarita and tequila **boozy

Banana Split: Half banana and chocolate cake, topped with strawberry frosting, garnished with a cherry, chocolate glaze and sprinkles

Blackberry: White cake with blackberry filling, duo frosting with cream cheese frosting on bottom and blackberry cream cheese frosting on top, garnished with a blackberry or blackberry jelly candy *fruit seasonal

Frosted Animal Cracker: White or choco cake with animal cracker filling; topped with animal cracker buttercream frosting, garnished with a frosted animal cracker

*Seasonal fruit may be replaced with a raspberry, blackberry or strawberry jelly candy*


Cupcake List:


Raspberry: Choco or white cake with raspberry filling and plain or raspberry buttercream frosting; topped with raspberries or raspberry jelly candy and white chocolate candy *fruit seasonal (duo frosting available upon request)

Strawberry: White or choco cake with strawberry filling and strawberry buttercream frosting; topped with white choco covered strawberry or strawberry jelly candy *fruit seasonal

Black Forest: Choco cake with cherry filling; topped with cocoa buttercream frosting and a cherry

Peanut Buttercup: Choco cake with peanut buttercup filling and peanut buttercream frosting; topped with a mini PB cup (duo frosting available upon request)

Peanut Buttercup with Duo Frosting: White cake, white PB candy filling, white choco buttercream and PB buttercream frosting; topped with a white mini PB cup and a mini nutter butter (gold sprinkles on top)

Snickers: Choco cake filled with chopped snickers & caramel; topped w/caramel buttercream frosting, caramel glaze, garnished with mini snicker candy

M&M: Choco or white cake with M&M's, buttercream frosting; topped with mini M&M's

Butterfinger: Yellow cake with a butterfinger filling; topped with butterfinger buttercream frosting and a mini butterfinger candy

Andes Mints: Choco cake with choco mint/andes bits filling and peppermint cream cheese/buttercream frosting; topped with an Andes mint and drizzled with choco mint sauce and andes mints bits

Triple White Choco: White cake with white choco filling; topped with white choco cream cheese/buttercream frosting, decorated with a candy wafer and sprinkles on top

Oreo: Choco cake and cookie base, with marshmallow filling; topped with oreo buttercream frosting and a mini oreo cookie and cookies and creme candy on top

Better than anything: Choco cake with caramel filling; topped with buttercream frosting and heath bar bits

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Choco chip cookie cake with cookie dough filling; topped with cookie dough frosting or buttercream frosting and a mini chocolate chip cookie

S'mores: Choco cake with marshmallow cream filling; topped with graham cracker buttercream frosting and drizzled with chocolate, mini marshmallows & a mini Hershey's candy bar

Turtle: Choco cake with pecan/caramel filling; topped with caramel or plain buttercream and topped with pecans, choco chips and drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce on top

Raspberry Lemonade with Duo Frosting: White or lemon cake with raspberry filling; white choco buttercream and topped with raspberry buttercream frosting, a lemon candy and a chocolate candy or fresh raspberries (by request) *fruit seasonal

Lemon: White or lemon cake with lemon filling; topped with your choice of frosting and a lemon candy and a chocolate candy on top

Lemon/Strawberry: White cake with strawberry filling, lemon buttercream; topped with a strawberry and lemon candy *fruit seasonal

Pineapple: Yellow cake with cream cheese pineapple filling; topped with cream cheese frosting and a candied pineapple on top

Mudslide: Baileys cake with duo frosting (bottom is Kahlua frosting, top is Baileys frosting) topped with a Baileys infuser **boozy

Death by Chocolate: Chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips baked in, fudge filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, garnished with mini chocolate chips and chocolate glaze (alternate version: may add a bottom layer of white chocolate buttercream)

Fireball: Fireball Whiskey base with duo frosting with white chocolate filling (optional with or without) white choco buttercream and fireball buttercream frosting, topped with a cinnamon jelly candy (frosting is available as a duo or single frosting) **boozy

Boston Cream Pie: Yellow cake with bavarian cream filling, dipped in ganache and topped with buttercream and chocolate sprinkles

PB&J: White cake with strawberry filling, topped with peanut butter cream cheese frosting, jelly glaze and a mini nutter butter

Grasshopper: Creme de menthe in cake and frosting, topped with shaved white chocolate **boozy

Wedding Cake: White cake, topped with edible pearl candy and white chocolate chips 

Brownie: Choco cake with mini choco chips baked in; topped with brownie frosting, garnished with a brownie